About Me

Rainy days were always my favourite when I was a little girl. At school, they were the days when we were allowed to draw in our ‘Rainy Day’ books to our heart’s content; or at home, my sister and I would spend hours making up little crayon worlds on paper. Being from the drizzly fishing town of Grimsby, I was lucky enough to experience many of these rainy days.

My work is created with a dip pen and ink, and watercolour. These are my absolute favourite mediums; I love their unpredictable nature. In a predominantly digital world, the tactile quality of my work has a traditional essence which I find comforting. I’ve been blessed with a big imagination and I want to raise a smile with my illustrations. I love details, and I want people to return to what I’ve drawn and see something they didn’t see before.

I graduated from Lincoln University with a Masters in Design, specialising in illustration – and I finished with a distinction!

In 2012 I won the ‘Illustrate It’ competition and was lucky enough to illustrate my first published picture book: ‘The Incredible Chapore’.

I’m now represented by the wonderful Advocate Art, I’ve worked on various projects, and I’ve just finished illustrating my third book ‘Prince Handsome and the Princess Engineer’, due to be published in 2015!

I now live in Bath with my lovely husband, and when I’m not drawing, painting or collecting picture books, we are off exploring the world’s curiosities – and eating yummy food.


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